How to ask for debugging help

Looking for Magento help, or even programming help in general? You've come to the right place!

In order to get the best answers possible, here are some tips for this space:

  • Type `/code` to post blocks of code.ο»Ώ
echo 'Here is some posted code!';
  • Better yet, and if you have any complexity at all, post your code as a GitHub Gist for much easier readability. Other members are much more likely to help you if they can read your code.

    Type `/git` and select the GitHub option:ο»Ώ
  • then post your code.ο»Ώ ο»Ώ
  • Focus on making your code readable, with proper syntax, spacing, indentation, etc. No one wants to deal with spaghetti code.
  • Ask your question extremely clearly and without ambiguity. The simpler the ask, the easier it will be to get an answer.
Remember that a thriving community lives off of both questions and answers, so also try to return the favor by answering questions as well!
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